Electronic Wasteland

by Wolves from Dogs

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The Future 03:44
I won't stop until I'm dead. I'll never drop until they're gone. They won't wake me up without a stop. They're looking for me, but I'm in a rut. They're searching for me, they're gonna look all night. 'Cause I'm so fast, I'm faster than light. Tim is in the future. Sold me out, they threw away my key. Because a phone call from the RCMP. The FBI, yeah they're lookin' for me. I went to the one place where they'll never find me. The CIA, well they can't see it's the future, Marty McFly and me. Tim is in the future.
Keep on digging, keep on digging, until you can't dig us out no more. This place is only so big, but it's not big enough anymore. We came like vultures, we arrived just in time. We came like captains of industry, we arrived to say goodbye. All at the same time, out of the ground. Keep on digging, keep on digging, it's what we had in-store. Another ice age of decay and it can't bury us anymore. Crushed back to oil over time, it's beautifully designed. There we lay with mistakes we've made for whatever comes next to find.
There's a black moon and she's rising again. There's a pale horse and he's riding again. There's a black fox at the end of my driveway - he's in a daze. It's the end of the days. There's a driving rain and it's bothering my day, 'cause it's raining cats and dogs. And there's a pale wind and it's heading this way - they finally did it, they finally blew us away. It's the end of days. It's a Zombie Apocalypse. Straight to the library and the hardware store, get the weapons and knowledge to blow them to hell. They're talkin' and they're typin' and they're scrollin' on their phones. The real world is calling, throw us a bone. It's a Zombie Apocalypse. Not from the mouths, but from the fingertips. It's a Zombie Apocalypse. Turning minds into gigabits.
There I was, cryin' my tears away when out of the fog man, she blew me away. She's coming out of the fog, she's making my day. For the life of me, I don't know what to say. Got the world on my shoulders got my heart on a string, Got the world on my shoulders got my heart on a string. The world's a dangerous place baby look out ahead. For the life of me, I think I wish I was dead. 'cause we don't talk no more. Got the world on my shoulders got my heart on a string, Got my life in some trouble, my arm in a sling. But there I was cryin' my tears away when out of the fog man, she blew me away.
We shared our thoughts, we shared our plans and all our weaknesses. All of this beautiful complexity has reduced us to binary sequences. With every square inch covered and every person numbered, our discourse is kept at bay. By analyzing our conversations, recording and storing everything we say. But they tried, oh and they tried. Well maybe it's the time to see the whole thing go down. But we know deep inside that we ain't got the time to turn this whole thing around. They got drones overhead, watching us all with their loving grace. We're obediently aware or we're tagged and we're flagged in their database. And we tried, oh how we tried. It's like we drove into the sun, we set the cruise control and we turned away we did, far away we did. I know you think our race is run, but this speck of time's a special time it is, it's yours and mine it is. So don't you let it bring you down. I tell myself the same things every night, my dear under watchful eyes as drones encircle our skies.
A twenty-one gun salute is all I can do, yeah it's all I can do. I'm feelin' much better when I'm by myself, what in the hell? You're lookin' at me but you're thinking of you, what did I do? Fifty arrows shot through my heart, take me back to the start. A cold September followed by a dark fall, going for the long haul. What did I do? What in the hell am I living for, if not to settle your score?
Victoria 09:38
Here we go Victoria, here we go Victoria. Another year of knowing ya, another year of boring ya. With all your streets surrounding me, cut through the air the static breathes. Like number stations, they're calling me to be somewhere I'd rather be. But there's a big storm coming, another storm of the century. I can feel it in your bones, a heavy air blown through your trees. Here we go Victoria, here we go Victoria. You did what you could to get me here: that heavy look, that smile of fear. But now your sweat it's wearing thin, another start that you can't begin. Like all you did it's another mess. You think it's deep it's meaningless.
Compass 04:52
Take your time, there's no need to rush. It's almost over now, you just lost your touch. But need not worry about the past. The things you cannot change, all that seems to last. Took two steps closer to the door, closing after three. Not sure if taking one more will get me where I need to be. But maybe this last step will finally set me free from the chains she bound me in or failed to let me leave. It'll be OK, and it'll come around. At least that's what they say, you'll find another crowd. So let the search begin, my compass spins and spins and I twist and turn until until the light goes dim.
Yeah I wish this place was a bit more just. Find comfort in the darkness, but when the sun goes down it can find us. There's no sense in random sequence. There's no resolve in unrelated events. There's positive and negative, that's all. They're pushing and they're pulling in every fibre of our being. In all the matter that was scattered at the start. Joining us and tearing us apart.
Other Worlds 06:49
There's other worlds beyond these. There's other worlds inside of me. There's other worlds beside these. There's other worlds beyond me. I think the world of you and I'd hate to leave so soon. But you've got some grieving to do, let the pain get through.


Songs about digital ghosts and alternative realities. Recorded over Winter in a barely-heated wood shop filled with large cast-iron tools. Cement floors, cement walls.


released July 27, 2017

Recorded at Mike's workshop in Tecumseh Ontario over the winter of 2017.
Mastered at Empire Recording Studio with Adam Michalczuk.

Mike Beauchamp - guitar, vocals, therevox
Brian Parent - drums, keyboards, vocals, octapad
Tim Rousseau - bass, vocals

Eric Schiller - additional guitar on "Victoria" and "Settle The Score".
Mark Calcott - additional keyboards on "Out of The Ground", "Drones Overhead" and "Other Worlds"


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Wolves from Dogs Windsor, Ontario

Gritty, moody and occasionally psychedelic indie rock from the Automotive capital of Canada.

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